Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Voyager News - December Edition


Weaver, Vol. 5, Chapter 9
days 21 - 30.
Life Application of Jesus.
We finished this chapter so much of our work was wrap up.

Bible lessons have been taken from Matthew, Luke & John.

In Weaver Science we have learned about different kinds of weather, including earthquakes.

Social Studies has been preparing for certain types of weather and A LOT of map study. We played a fun game called Your America which while not covering as much geography as I originally thought it would, had a lot of information in it! 

They have had some creative writing assignments, painting/crafting time and for home ec they learned how to make french toast. 
(and then ate alot of it because Hunny then wanted to make it daily!) 

~Read Alouds~
Farmer Boy Ch.18-finish
My Side of the Mountain Ch. 15 - finish
Various Christmas stories

Photography was mostly reviewing but there were a few assignments.

We had four field trip days.
One to the woods where we wandered around and discussed evergreen trees, looked for animal tracks and wildlife and cut our Christmas Tree.
One to the Alpaca Farm for their Christmas Open House.
One outdoor homestead work day,
and one day of running scrap and visiting the Amish stores and discussing their lifestyle.
In literature, we FINALLY finished our book! 
The Wedding Dress Ch 22 - finish.

Math, reading and Latin have all gone well. 
Sis is enjoying Life of Fred and Hunny is making great progress reading.

We also did LOTS of baking/goodie making and had the cool experience of butchering and processing some roosters.

We had 17 school days this month.
(total - 69)

We are taking a two week Christmas break.



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