Sunday, January 11, 2015

What I'm reading for the Back to the Classics Challenge

So as you know,  I signed up for the Back to the Classics Challenge over at Karens Books and Chocolate. 
Being the slightest bit OCD like I am, I've been chewing over what books to put on my list and gather...
So - 
here is what I'm planning on reading for this challenge.

1. 19th Century Classic - I'm starting with 

I'm picking this one simply because I do like to read what the girls are reading for school, and this is the next book Bug will be reading. Beyond that, it does sound really good.

2. 20th Century Classic - I had a much harder time deciding on this category, but finally decided to try 

3. A Classic by a Woman Author - This was an easy choice! 
(I couldn't find an image of the version I will be reading. I have a Juvenile Library hardcover edition that sadly, has no dust jacket)
I've been wanting to read this one for years just haven't had the time. I LOVE the movie though. 

4. A Classic in Translation - 

5. A Very Long Classic Novel - 

6. A Classic Novella - 

7. A Classic with a Person's Name -
I'm positive I have this book in our school library, but Bug couldn't find it today. If I can't scrounge up a copy, this may change, but I've been wanting to read it with the girls.

8. A Humorous Classic -

9. A Forgotten Classic - 

10. A Nonfiction Classic - I'm super excited to attempt this one! I even cashed in some swagbucks to buy a physical copy to add to our school library! 

11. A Classic Children's Book -

12. A  Classic Play - I had a REALLY hard time deciding this category! 

Have you decided to join the challenge yet? 
Do you think I've made some good choices? 
A lot of these are new to me authors so I sure hope so! 

Country Girl

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