Sunday, January 25, 2015

Just checking in...

 So it's been about two weeks since I've visited, figured it'd be a good time to check in. 
I think I might need to keep checking in to hold myself accountable and keep striving towards my goals.

Sis and I attended a Bridal Expo today. 
Got some ideas (and an amazing massage!) and have plenty of work to be doing in order to pull off a beautiful wedding for my baby girl. 
They went and had engagement pics done yesterday. 
This time is going to fly by! 
Momma isn't so sure about this...

I think I've been making some good steps towards my goals so far.

~I started a devotional reading on the You Version app. 
Have read the past 15 days, not missing one.
It's not quite what I was thinking, but I guess it's a start on my goal of spending more time in the Bible. 

~I've attended two yoga classes so far this month, I did miss class last week due to the weather, but I did a yoga dvd I have. 
Still feeling soreness, but sticking to it.
I've discovered a LOT of great yoga inspiration on Instagram.
There are some amazing ladies out there! 

~I've started a book for the Back to the Classics Challenge, 'O Pioneers' and am currently about 50% through it. 
I've also started reading 
although I'm only on page 16. 

~This is my third post for January so I'm happy I've made it here at least more than in 2014, lol! 

~I have gotten to crochet a bit. 
Working on a baby gift for my great nephew. 
Got stopped on one portion as I ran out of blue yarn....and then got stopped on another when I realized it was calling for triple crochet. Need to google that one! 
I also have an order for an arm knit scarf that I hope to get done this evening. 
My first order! 
So exciting for me. 

~I have not made it to any cemeteries but have looked longingly at them as driving past...

~I've done a small (very small) amount of cleaning & organizing. 
I have dropped off one decent sized box plus a few larger items to Good Will, and have another box almost full. 
We've also taken some winter gear in and donated it at Sis's orthodontist office, as they have a collection drive each year.

Overall I am thinking that January has gone well. 
I've made some good progress and am staying on task. 
How are your goals and resolutions coming? 


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