Saturday, March 3, 2012

Voyager News - February Edition


Weaver Vol. 5, Chapter 10
Days 8 - 15.
The Suffering Savior.
We finished the chapter, but it took us longer than expected.
Sis wound up pretty ill and threw our family for a loop!
We spent a few weeks in VERY light school mode
as she slept A LOT!
(Then Hunny was sick...)
We also spent alot of time researching anemia,
trying to figure out how to raise her levels
(she is very close to needing a transfusion)
and learning a bunch about iron in foods
and how to increase absorption.
Her levels still aren't up any but she is feeling some better.

Bible lessons have been mostly in Matthew.
Social Studies has been continuing to learn about the Jewish religion.
We have learned about the order of the services, various offerings and prayers and all the jobs the priests do.
Weaver science has been learning about gears and pulleys.
We have still been working on the temple model -
but we aren't done with it yet.
So even though we finished the chapter and will be moving on,
we will still work on wrapping this up.
~ Read Alouds ~
Little House on the Prairie
Chapters 9 - 24
Parts of the New Way Things Work by David Macaulay

In Photography we studied Alfred Eisenstaedt, Mike Hollingshead (quite a discussion on storm chasers!) and learned about using the macro mode on our cameras.

Home Ec has been fun although we haven't gotten to it every week.
We made cucumber flowers which was interesting

and we made a shaker cake,
but I don't know that we will make either again! lol.

The girls have often asked to help with meals or make things for fun, so while not technically part of 'school' it has been great.
Bug has made pancakes,
and Sis has made cookies, meatloaf, breakfast items, and nachos.

We've done a few lessons in Wisdom Words,
but mostly we've focused on 4H items for their writing and grammar work, for instance, there is an award that is only available to Bugs' age group so she worked on an essay to submit for that.

Latin we've been working on chapter 13 -
ALOT of review!

 We spent a multiple days focusing on rabbits
(in preparation for rabbit shows)
and working on showmanship, doing health checks and grooming and spending lots of time quizzing.
Bug & Hunny got guniea pigs so we've spent some time researching and reading about how to care for them.

Then our homeschool group had the Art Show.
So the girls worked on things for that and we had a really nice evening seeing what everyone had done.
Hunny with her basket & drawing.
Sis with her painting & basket.

Bug with photography & drawing.

So even with all the challenges,
it's been a great month of learning!

20 School Days this month.
(total - 101)


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