Thursday, December 1, 2011

Voyager News - November Edition

Hunting season.
Two Birthdays.
Weaver, Volume 5, Chapter 9
days 9 - 20.
Life application of Jesus.
Bible lessons mostly from Matthew.
Our prayer time has been wonderful.
I love hearing my kids pray about others - 
even those they have never met.  

In Weaver Science we have talked about snow/avalanches, river/flooding, and various forms of weathering (erosion).
Some of our science carried over into social studies.
In Social Studies it's been alot of geography and maps.
Map searches, longitude & latitude, topographical maps and Israel.
We've used various maps on the walls, the globe, atlases, and internet for our learning. 
I also have a very handy little book about maps that seems to always have a two page spread on ANYTHING I've ever wanted to cover with the girls! It's been a very helpful resource for us.

Of course, with topics like these, we've had some health and safety lessons. We've talked about staying safe in heavy snows and floods. 
I had the girls make paper snowflakes to go along with the snow lessons - only to learn that the older to didn't know how?! 
Snowflakes are now decorating the dinning room...
We've done a little bit with Story Starters this month in getting the girls thinking and in Wisdom Words they've done a bit of reviewing.
Home ec with Hunny has been on cracking and making eggs - review for her.
~Read Alouds~
Farmer Boy chapters 7-17
My Side of the Mountain chapters 6-14

Photography came to a short standstill when my camera died on me,
(That was my Black Friday purchase for myself! Can't live without the camera!) So we've only discussed light and Eadward Muybridge.

Chemistry has just been working with the Doo Wop Board and reviewing the Periodic Table.

Sis has had two volunteer days this month.
We've also taken more time to do homestead type jobs - 
extra cleaning, fruit preservation and lately Christmas decorating.
We've been watching lots of historical shows on Netflix and having great conversations regarding Indian treaties/treatment, diseases of the day, inventions and what we take for granted and customs of the time period 
(dress, food, manners, etc).

We've borrowed a few books from the Life of Fred math series for Sis to try out.
So far she seems to like it...
We've had 16 school days.
(total - 52)


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