Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Simple Woman's DayBook

Outside my window...It is a beautiful sunny day 
- just wish it was warm enough for me to enjoy it! 
Bug is outside, but I think it's cold. 

I am thinking...Of all left to do!

I am thankful...For so very much!
I am very Blessed indeed! 
From the learning rooms...We didn't get much accomplished this week....
my new endeavor has us scrambling a bit as we learn our new routines. 
Good news - we borrowed some math books for Sis to try a totally different curriculum - we'll see.

In the kitchen...Thanksgiving prep.
I have boiled three dozen eggs, 
cooked and froze a pumpkin,
made three batches of pumpkin muffins....
much left to do out there today! 
Taking a break looking for a pumpkin scone and pear pie recipe....
ummm, yeah, really I am!

I am wearing...MY slippers!
Red CCCB t-shirt over my ancient gray BUM sweatshirt, blue windpants and socks.
My hair is currently up in a headband wrapped like a scrunchie to try and keep hair out of the food.
Did I mention I was wearing my amazing slippers? 
I have NEVER loved slippers like these!

I am creating...Lots of yummy food for tomorrow.

I am going...To start decorating for Christmas this weekend.

I am wondering...Why my camera died and how I can afford another right now?

I am reading...The Shack
My side of the Mountain 
Farmer Boy
The Wedding Dress 

I am hoping...God provides Good Ole Boy with a better job.

I am looking forward to...Bedtime!

I am hearing...Bug is doing dishes, 
Sis is making cookies,
Hunny and Einstein are watching Wizards of Waverly Place on Netflix. 

Around the house...It looks good.
Decorated for Thanksgiving. 

I am pondering...Black Friday....

One of my favorite things...Mashed potatoes!
My favorite Thanksgiving food.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Thanksgiving, starting my Christmas decorating, Church, School, Work.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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